Michael Smith



Two  experiences have shaped my past few years since turning 50: Working on press and advance on the Obama Campaign in Iowa, Texas, California, Michigan and Virginia and watching the President win. Covering Energy and Environment as a credentialed press pool reporter at the UN Foundation on Climate Change summit. I was also with the delegates at a Bright Green Trade Mission in Copenhagen last year. From these two involvements, I am now a member of the US Commerce  Department International Trade Advisory Council (ITAC) on information  technology. I will serve the Secretary of Commerce and the US Trade  Representative the next four years as a political appointee.

I have been so fortunate to be a native of and live in Washington, DC. With access to powerful and interesting Congressional and Journalist leaders, it’s a new “close encounter” just about every day. From Hill receptions, to membership in the National Press Club, to high level meetings with Executive Branch Secretaries, I have tried to capture it all in my gallery which you can view by clicking on the Gallery link above. So stick and click around. ______________________________________________________________ 

Washington Business Journal | Focus on Business: A great article on the the start of my firm:

Michael Smith cashes in on social media's popularity


Michael Smith recently spoke with Rudy Giuliani at the National Press Club prior to the 9/11, 2011 anniversary.  Here's a great article at Forbes about that encounter, titled:
"Rudy Might Run, If Republicans Desperate.


Another great Education article at Forbes in which Michael Smith is interviewed.  It's called:
"To Know Is Not Enough: On Taking One's First-Born to Hampshire College (a.k.a. "hippie U")"