Michael Smith

Mike Smith Public Affairs has years of investment consultation, sales channel development and public relations experience. MSPA headquarters is in Washington DC, near Dulles Airport.

Mike Smith's public affairs services range from strategic and critical thinking to planning and execution in three synergistic areas vital to commercial success – all geared to propelling good ideas: 


Mike Smith originally started as a provider of services and experience for start-up enterprises at the height of the Internet explosion. Today, clients include Volvo Group North America for energy and environment, American Public University System (online college degree school) and NeuroFocus (an investment of Nielsen Research).

Mike Smith has specialized in small to medium-sized technology and telecom companies for 25 years that have included a focus in software development, voice over IP, enabling technology, telecom, biotech and media c ompanies.

Mike Smith Public Affairs also has very strong relationships in energy funding, and in the banking, finance sectors where our green technology clients are targeting their applications. Mike Smith has successfully helped launch 60 businesses over the past six years. Of these, one has gone public, three have been acquired and virtually all of them are still growing organically, returning value to investors and to clients in the marketplace.